Accepting card payments

Make a payment on iOS or Android

You can acccpet card payments anywhere in the Ireland. You'll need to have the payleven app installed on your iPhone/iPad or Android device. You will also need to have a wifi or cellular data connection. 

If you would like to use payleven outisde of the Ireland please contact our support [at] (subject: Using%20payleven%20abroad) (customer service team).

Accepted payment types

The payleven Chip & PIN card reader accepts all cards with a VISA, VPay, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express logo.

Test transaction

To perform a test, follow the standard instructions to initiate a transaction. We suggest to trial with €1. Type in the amount on the app and press Continue-> Chip & PIN payment. The mobile card reader will then show you the entered amount and ask you to insert a card. At this point you can cancel the transaction not to be charged. However we suggest following through with the whole transaction and entering the card and PIN number when prompted. The mobile card reader will process the payment and you can see the successful payment confirmation on your app. Feel free to send yourself an email receipt to see what the client would receive from us. 

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