Pay-as-you-go pricing 

We will deduct a fee of 2.75% for each transaction processed by you.

If you qualify for lower transaction fees you will receive a credit note for your past month’s transactions within the first two weeks of each month by email; a cashback rebate will be deposited to your bank account. We calculate the total fees based on your gross transaction volume in a calendar month and then apply the assigned rate based on our flexi pricing model:


You can track your monthly payment volume within the app or on your payleven account.

Please note: American Express and Telephone Payments are excluded from your Flexi Pricing model.

No monthly fees

There are no additional or monthly costs, only the one-time mobile card reader payment and a pay-as-you-go charge between 2.75% and 1.50% per transaction.

No minimum revenue

There is no need to generate minimum revenue with payelven. After you have bought your card reader, you are only charged when you accept a payment. Learn more. 



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